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    Neurologic Scanning

    Subluxation (Misalignment)

    A problem in the spine where an abnormal position/movement of the vertebrae disturbs communication within the central nervous system, causing a disturbance in the body.

    Many people believe that chiropractic care focuses only on the spine. But the fact is that neurologic interference in the spine causes a myriad of ailments, and many common problems can be naturally treated with vertebral adjustments.

    Dr. Geersen uses the state of the art neurological scanning to help:

    • Detect areas of nerve disturbance
    • Document and monitor treatment and results
    • Deliver appropriate chiropractic care

    Modern neurologic scanning equipment tests three very vital components of your central nervous system.

    • The first part of the scan determines the function of your spinal cord.
    • The second part determines the function of the muscles of your back. 
    • The final part of the scan determines the function of specific nerve roots. 

    This diagnostic equipment will allow Dr. Geersen to pinpoint the location of your subluxations and make very specific adjustments to correct these subluxations.

    Learn more about scanning technology at:

    Neurologic Scanning Equipment
    Source: Insight CLA

    The scanning equipment has three functions:

    • It emits infrared beams into the spinal column and bounces back the image to determine the integrity of the spinal cord.
    • The roller has heat sensors that read the tone of the muscle to find out if the muscles are spasming, or if they're flaccid and not contracting at the right frequency
    • Starting at the base of the skull and continuing down to the base of the tailbone, surface electrodes read the electrical frequencies at each and every vertebral level to find out if it is sending the right frequency.

    The entire procedure takes less than 10 minutes and is completely painless.

    Dr. Geersen will analyze the scan to determine the amount of neurological dysfunction and will then discuss with you the treatment that is necessary to make sure your system is working properly. Call today to schedule an appointment at (303) 627-7995.

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