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Shoulder Pain Treatment in Aurora

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There’s nothing worse than not feeling your best. Shoulder pain can make it hard to rest comfortably at night, get good quality sleep, or engage in daily activities. And, if it is very bad, it can even keep you from working or taking care of household duties. Thankfully, there are a variety of non-invasive, holistic treatment options available to you in Denver, Colorado.

We want to help you feel better! Here are a few basics to know about shoulder pain treatment and how our team at Total Wellness Center of Aurora helps Denver patients live fuller lives through innovative treatments.

What Are Some Common Causes of Shoulder Pain?

You probably already know that a rotator cuff injury or a dislocated shoulder can cause an immense amount of pain. While these are two of the most reported reasons for shoulder pain, there are many others that our patients regularly experience.

The most common types of shoulder pain include:

Chiropractor is doing the chiropractic treatment to the shoulder of the patient
  • Bursitis: This is where the bursa, a fluid-filled sac that protects the joint, becomes inflamed and painful.
  • Rotator Cuff Injuries: This can be something as simple as inflamed or damaged tendons or as serious as a tear where the tendons in the rotator cuff separate from the bone.
  • Arthritis: This is a gradual narrowing of the joint which causes damage to the cartilage in the shoulder.
  • Frozen Shoulder: A frozen shoulder is where the patient experiences stiffness in the shoulder joint.
  • Sports Injuries: Shoulder soreness due to sports injuries is common. This includes sports such as football, baseball, tennis, and others.
  • Auto Accident Injuries: Shoulder pain may also be caused by an auto accident injury. In most cases, the seatbelt can cause pain and muscular inflammation during a crash.

The main point here is that there are a variety of reasons to explore when you’re experiencing shoulder pain. The best course of action is to talk with our own Dr. Holly Geersen about your symptoms to help come up with an appropriate course of treatment.

How Do Chiropractors Treat Shoulder Pain?

While contacting a shoulder pain doctor might seem like the only option when you’re experiencing discomfort, it is important to know that chiropractic care has been shown to be just as effective as surgery or more invasive options.

Depending on if the issue is related to a tear or dislocation, a chiropractor might choose to treat the injury with a variety of different options. In some instances, joint manipulation and massage are enough to help restore blood flow and decrease inflammation. Other options include stretching and strengthening exercises, myofascial release, acupuncture, or cold laser therapy. These are very safe treatment options that don’t include addictive narcotics or having to undergo surgery. For many people, that’s the main reason why they choose to work with a chiropractor for shoulder pain over utilizing traditional medicine.

The Benefits of Using Chiropractic Care to Treat Shoulder Pain

chiropractor adjusting patients shoulder

There are many benefits to using chiropractic care to treat shoulder pain. The process is non-invasive, does not require surgery, and eliminates the need for risky prescription drugs or a lengthy cocktail of pain management medications.

Furthermore, chiropractic care promotes an overall state of whole-body wellness. This means that—while treating shoulder pain—you can improve your core strength, realign your spine, correct your posture, and enjoy a better quality of life than you had before the pain began. Some patients even reduce the number of migraines and other headaches they commonly experience.

Who We Are – Total Wellness Center of Aurora

At Total Wellness Center of Aurora, our chiropractor and her team are dedicated to helping our patients live life to the fullest. As a full-service chiropractic clinic, we offer a wide range of services designed to help reduce inflammation and allow you to feel like a better you. Dr. Geersen is attentive and her staff is highly compassionate and helpful throughout the entire treatment process.

Are you ready to live a life that’s free of pain? Contact our shoulder pain treatment specialists at (303) 627-7995 Aurora Chiropractic to schedule your consultation appointment today!

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