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Have you been injured playing sports or while practicing or even exercising? You’ve come to the right place! Total Wellness Center is the preferred chiropractor for patients in Aurora, CO and the greater Southeast Denver area for more than 13 years.

While exercise and sports are great for staying healthy, it’s possible for even the most careful people to become injured. You might suffer an unavoidable accident on the field or court, for example. Or, you become injured by wearing the wrong gear or even suffer an injury because of improper training.

We have experience in treating all common sports injuries and are experts in crafting specialized, tailor-made chiropractic care programs for our patients. You’ll be glad to know we specialize in women’s health—female athletes from all levels and abilities can be assured they’re in good hands when they arrive at our clinic.

From young kids to their older counterpart athletes and everyone in between, our talented team is here to bring you relief after you hurt your back, sprain your ankle or endure any of other myriad types of injuries that crop up while playing sports.

Common Sports Injuries

Over the years, our team has encountered all types of sports injuries, from people playing in organized sports at all ages and ability levels, to individuals overdoing it while exercising or when training in a new activity.

Examples of the most common types of injuries we typically address here at Total Wellness Center include:

* Shoulder Injuries
* Knee Injuries
* Achilles Tendon Injuries
* Rotator Cuff Injuries
* Swollen Muscles
* Sprains
* Strains
* Back Pain
* Tendonitis in the Elbows

This list is by no means comprehensive. It’s meant to give an overview of services. If you have a sports injury that’s not mentioned here, please connect with our office to learn about treatment options.

Symptoms of Sports Injuries We Treat in Our Aurora, CO Chiropractor Office

It’s useful to be able to describe various symptoms that can occur when you have a sports injury, as this helps you communicate with the chiropractor about the nature of your problem. Typical symptoms are as follows:

* Pain: which can be mild or quite severe
* Loss of range of movement: you may not be able to easily turn your head because of a neck injury, for example
* Bruising: the area is discolored and tender
* Inflammation: the site of the injury is inflamed as the body deals with the issue
* Reduced strength: you are unable to perform as well as you did before the injury because your muscle or muscles have been damaged

Professional Treatment of Sports Injuries in Our Aurora, CO Clinic

We have a variety of treatment modalities to bring our sports therapy  patients into wellness. Examples of our methods include:

* Chiropractic: A common aspect of sports medicine, chiropractic care is ideal for bringing relief naturally and safely without the need to rely on harmful prescription pain medications.

The chiropractor can provide manual adjustment of the spine to make sure the bones are balanced correctly and line up as they should. That’s crucial for cutting down body tension, which is needed for healing. You may also receive treatment to improve the function of your joints to bring down inflammation as well as cut down pain.

* Injury Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation involves carefully prescribed motions that a professional helps you work through, designed to increase strength and balance as well as help the injured site repair and recover.

* Laser Therapy: This is a method of treatment that is non-invasive (unlike surgery performed with a scalpel) and does not rely on pain medication. The laser light provides warmth, which boosts the flow of blood as well as assisting with drainage from the lymphatic system. Patients typically experience a reduction in inflammation and reduction in pain as their injury heals under laser therapy.

Get Treatment for Sports Injuries in Aurora Today With Your Preferred Chiropractor

It’s essential to get sports therapy without delay when you’ve been injured. That’s the key to keeping your strength up and recovering so you can get back out there sooner, staying in motion and keeping fit. Your sports medicine professionals at Total Wellness Center have been serving Aurora and Southeast Denver for over 13 years now. To learn more about how our chiropractor can treat your sports injury or to make an appointment for a free consultation, connect with us at (303) 627-7995 or by clicking here.


My first time coming to a chiropractor and I love it! I have never felt better. If you need some an adjustment, come see Dr. Holly!
Donna M. Aurora
Dr. Holly, When I came into your office today, I was having double vision and driving was very intimidating.  I had to close one eye in order to safely drive.  After my adjustment with you, I returned home and found I no longer had double vision!
Joy Shannon
Avatar 3
Dr. Holly, I wanted to let you know that my foot is totally recovered! Between the ice, you, and the laser, it’s totally better and I thank you so much.
Joy Shannon


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