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Chiropractic Care in Aurora, CO

Total Wellness Center is your destination for chiropractic care in Aurora. We prioritize your well-being with personalized, high-quality care focused on the vital connection between spine health and overall wellness. 

Our commitment goes beyond symptom relief, addressing root causes, and promoting long-term healing. Searching for "chiropractic care near me?" Experience our transformative benefits and high-quality chiropractic care. Trust Total Wellness Center in Aurora for a journey towards total well-being.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a type of healthcare that looks at the bones, joints, muscles, and nerves in your body. Chiropractors, the experts in this, use their hands to help with issues in these areas. They don't use surgery or drugs – it's all done gently.

The main thing they do is adjust the spine and other joints. They use their hands to ensure everything is in the right place and moving well. This helps reduce pain and lets your body heal, making you feel better overall.

Conditions Treated by Our Aurora Chiropractor

Total Wellness Center in Aurora offers comprehensive chiropractic care to treat various issues. Our chiropractor concentrates on rectifying the fundamental causes of pain and inflammation, employing chiropractic principles to reinstate the optimal functioning of the nervous system.

Back Pain

man with Back Pain at the clinic for chiropractic care in aurora consultation

Experience comfort from common back pain caused by injury, disease, poor posture, and overuse. Search for “chiropractic care clinic in Aurora” to find us and start experiencing comfort from precise 'hands-on' adjustments that are particularly effective for back pain.


Sciatica refers to the pain felt when there is pressure on the sciatic nerve commonly caused by bone spurs and herniated discs. Our chiropractor specializes in providing targeted relief for the pain that can run through the lower back, thighs, hips, and upper legs.

Neck Pain

Combat "computer neck" and chronic neck pain caused by muscle strain. Our chiropractor focuses on realigning the vertebrae in the neck to relieve nerve compression, reducing pain and stiffness.

Hip Pain

Our adept chiropractor assesses and manages hip pain from diverse conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, sprains, tendonitis, or sciatica. Dive into our comprehensive and integrated approach that involves spinal manipulations, acupuncture, lifestyle modifications, and dietary supplements to optimize joint and ligament function and alleviate pain.

Leg Pain

Looking for ways to ease leg pain caused by different things, like overuse, wear and tear, injuries, and issues related to your spine? Our chiropractor is a pro at fixing crooked spines and calming down pesky nerves, and they've got the solutions you need to target the exact cause of your leg pain.

Shoulder Pain

Our chiropractic expert provide tailored remedies for shoulder pain, may it be arthritis-related or due to a spinal misalignment. Our approach involves targeting nerve compression, shoulder stiffness, and bursitis, among other ailments, utilizing advanced techniques to improve your condition.

Headaches and Migraines

While it can have different underlying causes, those who endure chronic headaches and migraines can feel considerable relief from chiropractic manipulations. Our chiropractor enhances the alignment of your head and neck to ease muscle strain and spasms and reduce neurological triggers to headaches. Massage and laser therapy are also options to add to the treatment.

Women's Health Concerns

Our chiropractic care clinic in Aurora offers non-pharmaceutical interventions. We combat various health issues that women face. This includes gastrointestinal ailments, infertility, premenstrual syndrome, hormonal dysregulation, lethargy, menopausal manifestations, and pregnancy-induced discomforts.

Sports Injuries

Athletes benefit from chiropractic techniques, nutritional guidance, and sports medicine principles. From rotator cuff injuries to knee sprains and elbow tendonitis, our chiropractor addresses musculoskeletal injuries with expertise.

Auto Accident Recovery and Rehabilitation

In the aftermath of auto accidents, conditions like whiplash, headaches, migraines, and neck pain demand immediate attention. Our chiropractor specializes in diagnosis and rehabilitation, providing crucial care for successful outcomes. Whether recent or delayed, there is always time to seek diagnosis and care from Dr. Holly Geersen for Auto Accident Injury Recovery in Aurora.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Our commitment extends beyond symptom relief, aiming to enhance physical and mental-emotional well-being.

Physical Health Benefits

Physically and emotionally fit couple smiling at the camera for chiropractic care in aurora

With its targeted adjustments, chiropractic care proves invaluable in pain relief and management, addressing the underlying causes of discomfort to foster natural alleviation. Furthermore, our chiropractor diligently works towards refining posture and flexibility by aligning the spine and mitigating muscular imbalances. 

This reduces the risk of injuries and contributes to overall physical well-being. Joint function and mobility are elevated through chiropractic adjustments, promoting optimal performance and improved overall movement.

Mental and Emotional Well-being

Total Wellness Center provides chiropractic care that supports holistic wellness. We ensure its impact transcends the physical realm, affecting one’s mental and emotional well-being. Stress reduction and relaxation are natural outcomes of our spinal adjustments, creating a profound sense of calmness. 

While chiropractic is at the core of our treatment programs, we also use other techniques and practices such as acupuncture and massage therapy. But we also add nutritional counseling and corrective exercises to encourage patients to contribute to their well-being outside the clinic. We help you develop a wellness plan to sustain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

What to Expect During a Chiropractic Visit


chiropractor helping a patient to fill up medical documents at the clinic | chiropractic care in aurora

Upon arriving, our friendly receptionist will request a health form. It helps us understand your history and current condition.

Meeting & Check

Meeting a chiropractor for the first time can be nerve-wracking but don't worry, Dr. Geersen and her team will make you feel comfortable. You'll talk to the doctor about your symptoms and what you want to achieve with treatment. Then, you'll go to the exam room for a simple checkup and a painless scan to understand your body better.


After the meeting, Dr. Holly Geerson will check your reflexes and flexibility. She'll also do some regular tests to understand your body better. Nothing will happen without your say-so. After that, you'll spend about ten minutes in a unique chair that helps stretch your spine and ease muscle tension.

Next Steps

After your first visit, Dr. Geersen will look at the scan results. On your second visit, she'll tell you what she found, and you can decide on a plan.

Discussing Results

Dr. Holly Geerson will explain everything she found and answer questions like how she can help, how often you need to come, and what it might cost. She'll suggest the best treatment based on your history and test results.

First Treatment

You can start your first treatment at the end of your first visit. It might include gentle adjustments, simple exercises, or a light massage. You can always talk to us if you have any concerns about the treatment.

Why Choose Total Wellness Center

At Total Wellness Center, we stand out because we focus on what's best for you. Our approach is all about you, tailoring our care plans to fit your unique needs.

Personalized Care

Personalized chiropractic care in aurora administered by therapist to a female patient

We believe in treating each person as an individual. Our personalized care meets your needs and ensures you get the attention you deserve.

Friendly and Skilled Team

Led by Dr. Geersen, our team is here to support you with care and expertise. Dr. Geersen has been a chiropractor for years, specializing in women's health, geriatrics, and shoulder injuries. She uses gentle techniques like Activator, diversified, and Thompson. Besides being a chiropractor, she's certified in acupuncture and focuses on rehabilitation, including core training and postural stabilization.

Modern Facilities

Our clinic uses the latest technologies such as laser therapy and neurological scanning to provide the best care possible.

Comprehensive Care

Total Wellness Center provides various services, from chiropractic adjustments to massage therapy, recovery exercises, and nutrition advice. We look at your health differently to help you feel your best.

Holistic Health Approach

As a chiropractic clinic, we consider the interrelated relationships of one's body systems, so we prioritize your overall well-being, aiming to address more than just relieving symptoms.

Happy Patients

Our patients have shared stories of success and satisfaction. Dr. Geersen's approach, using gentle techniques, acupuncture, and nutritional advice, has helped many people. Their stories are a statement of our commitment to your successful health journey.

Insurance and Payment

At Total Wellness Center, we prioritize your well-being with accessible chiropractic care. We offer flexible pricing that suits various budgets and flexible payment plans. We also partner with and accept most insurance plan providers.

Plan Your Wellness Life in Aurora Today

Our chiropractic care in Aurora offers personalized plans to help with various issues, from relieving pain to improving flexibility. Led by Dr. Geersen, our team is skilled and caring, using modern facilities to provide complete care that includes chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, exercises, and nutrition advice.

Choosing Total Wellness means committing to our wellness approach that looks at your overall health. Our flexible pricing, insurance options, and payment plans make it easy for you. Whether you have insurance or not, we got you handled.

Start your journey to a healthier and pain-free life by scheduling an appointment or contacting us for more info. Total Wellness Center is here for your chiropractic care needs in Aurora.

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