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    Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Aurora

    The most common reason that parents bring their babies in for chiropractic care is for colic/tummy upset concerns. In nearly all cases, very slow peristalsis (bowel motility) is the key factor.

    Children give their parents plenty of things to worry about, not least where their ongoing health and wellness are concerned. From those first floundering steps to the rough-and-tumble school years, a variety of issues can pose obstacles to your children's optimal comfort, function, and development. That's why, in addition to general checkups, vaccinations, teeth cleaning, and other kinds of routine pediatric care, you should seriously consider bringing your Aurora CO kids to Total Wellness Center for pediatric chiropractic care. Our safe, comfortable screenings and adjustments can help young musculoskeletal and nervous systems perform as they should.

    Facilitating Healthier Kids From Infancy Through High School

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    Some people react with alarm or worry to the notion of chiropractic care for children. What they don't realize is that pediatric chiropractic care is both completely safe and highly beneficial. They may also not understand that young spines require at least as much help as older ones. For instance, the birth process can create joint alignment problems from the first moments of a child's entry into the world. These issues need to be corrected right away, since every stage of development that follows may be negatively affected by these musculoskeletal changes. Amazing as it may sound, chiropractic adjustments are safe even for newborns -- and they can set the stage for a much healthier childhood to come.

    Babies and toddlers need no encouragement to risk their musculoskeletal health. While they're exploring their world through crawling, walking, and finally running, they encounter plenty of bumps, stumbles, and falls. Even if these incidents don't cause obvious injuries, they can still push joints or spinal components out of alignment. This not only has the potential to affect joint growth and function, but it can also pinch nerve tissue. A sub-par nervous system cannot regulate the body's many functions, including immune function, as well as it should. That's why pediatric chiropractic care is useful for treating or preventing such common childhood problems as:

    baby get chiropractic care by chiropractor in aurora
    • Colic - The digestive upset known as colic can create endless nights of crying and sleeplessness. A chiropractic treatment plan that has been custom-crafted for the individual patient can help reduce this condition.
    • Bedwetting - Bedwetting can be related to spinal alignment problems that lead to nervous system dysfunction. Some cases of bedwetting have been resolved in just a few chiropractic sessions that correct these imbalances.
    • Ear infection - Ear infection is a common (and painful) problem in kids. Chiropractic adjustments to normalize nerve function can help the immune system ward off the germs that cause these infections.
    • ADHD/ADD - Studies indicate that chiropractic care for children with attention-deficit disorders can improve their symptoms. This could make it a valuable alternative to drugs for parents who worry about over-medicating their kids.

    School-aged kids face plenty of continuing affronts to their health and comfort. Simply lugging a heavy, unbalanced backpack around can cause neck and back pain, while school sports often lead to injuries, especially if the body is unbalanced, to begin with. Regular chiropractic screenings, backpack advice, and back-to-school exams can help keep your kids healthy throughout their school years.

    Total Wellness Center Is Your Source for Pediatric Care

    Of course, all pediatric chiropractors are not created equal. That's why you want to make a point of bringing your family to Total Wellness Center. Our chiropractor, Dr. Geerson, specializes in safe, gentle approaches such as the Activator Technique. This low-force technique delivers pinpoint-precise adjustments with no discomfort whatsoever. We're also happy to prescribe any other conservative, drug-free treatments that might benefit your children. Call (303) 627-7995 today to learn more and schedule a pediatric screening for your little ones. We'd be proud to serve as your source for pediatric care in Aurora!

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