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Dr. Geersen specializes in providing chiropractic and nutritional care for women, and her focus is on pre-menopausal and menopausal changes, fertility, pregnancy and geriatrics.


For years, the medical community recommended Hormone Replacement Therapy for menopausal changes. Then, of course, this treatment was found to be harmful; not only did it not prevent against osteoporosis, the therapy also increased a woman's risk of heart disease and virulent breast cancers.    

Dr. Geersen focuses on methods that will help ease a woman through the menopausal phase of her life, rather than working to try and unnaturally eradicate all symptoms. She works with a woman to find natural supplements, herbs and progesterone creams, that will soften a woman's symptoms, including hot flashes and the loss of libido.


Recent studies have shown that acupuncture is quite useful in the treatment of fertility. And, for women whose infertility is due to neurological interference, chiropractic adjustment is extremely effective in promoting pregnancy, as well. 

As a matter of fact, in a recent clinical study, women who had been infertile for at least five years were given chiropractic care; fourteen out of fifteen were able to conceive and bear a child. 

Dr. Geersen uses scanning technology that can determine whether or not a woman is a good candidate for acupuncture treatment for infertility. 

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A pregnant woman secretes a specific hormone - Relaxin - that helps her ligaments relax so that bones can stretch and babies can pass easily through the birth canal. But Relaxin doesn't just focus on the ligaments of the pelvic bowl, and pregnant women are prone to aches and pains in other parts of their body due to the relaxing and stretching effects of this hormone. 

Chiropractic care can help keep everything as stable and as aligned as is possible. Also, Dr. Geersen can make sure that the pelvic bowl is spreading evenly, which will help the childbirth process be comfortable.

In addition, for those women who carry to term and beyond, there is acupuncture protocol to help a woman's body release the hormones that trigger labor naturally. Many ob-gyn clinics send their overdue patients to Dr. Geersen so that she can help induce labor in a non-chemical, less-painful way.

Geriatric Care

Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and decreased mobility are some of the concerns of women in their later years. 

With gentle chiropractic adjustments and nutritional counseling, Dr. Geersen works with older women to keep their mobility as full as possible so that their quality of life be as healthy and as vigorous as possible.

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My first time coming to a chiropractor and I love it! I have never felt better. If you need some an adjustment, come see Dr. Holly!

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