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  • Top 5 Reasons People Go To a Chiropractor

    Do you find the notion of visiting a chiropractic clinic somewhat mystifying? People who have never tried this type of care are often in the dark about it. What is chiropractic treatment is all about? What kinds of conditions can it treat? How can it provide important health benefits even if you aren't sick or in pain? If you've been wondering about the potential value of chiropractic care for your own life, here are five smart reasons that people commonly make use of this healing modality.

    1. Chronic Back Pain Management

    older gentleman holding his lower back due too pain

    Back pain can make even the simplest motions or tasks feel like torture. Although some back pain stems from acute injuries, many more sufferers find themselves dealing with chronic causes of back pain. Degenerative disc disease, chronic muscle strain, and other back troubles are often related to alignment problems in the spine. Chiropractic adjustment can correct the positions of vertebrae and vertebral discs, allowing your back to function more normally and with less stress.

    2. Neck Pain Relief

    Neck pain occurs for many of the same reasons that you might be afflicted by back pain, from bulging discs to cervical spinal arthritis. Misalignment between the skull and the cervical spine can cause ongoing muscle strain, pain, and stiffness. Repetitive motion injuries and postural problems such as "text neck" are other common causes of neck pain. Chiropractic treatment can help to normalize your cervical alignment and curvature, easing muscle strain and improving the function of cervical joints.

    3. Recovery From Whiplash and Other Car Crash Injury Issues

    young woman holding her neck due too an auto accident injury

    When you think of a car crash injury, you probably think of whiplash -- and with good reason. This common injury occurs when an auto impact tosses your head around at high speed, damaging neck tissues and wrecking your cervical alignment. Car crash injuries can also include problems such as herniated discs, dislocated joints, and sciatica caused by nerve compression.  Our Aurora chiropractor can examine your body thoroughly to diagnose these problems. We then implement a treatment plan that includes a chiropractic adjustment to relieve nerve compression and restore your joints to their proper positions.

    4. Preventative Wellness and Stress Relief

    You might be confused when people tell you that they schedule regular appointments with our Aurora chiropractor -- even though they're not experiencing any painful issues at the moment. But did you know that chiropractic care can actually keep you well? 

    Small imbalances in your spine can interfere with nerve function, which may affect your immune system, digestion, hormone production, and other essential functions. Periodic chiropractic checkups and adjustments can prevent these imbalances from getting worse and limiting your health. Chiropractic adjustments that take the strain off of your muscles also allow you to release pent-up stress and avoid muscle spasms.

    5. Improved Strength and Flexibility

    chiropractor adjusting male patients upper back

    Whether you're rehabbing a sports injury or you just want to function in your daily life, chiropractic care can optimize your physical performance in a number of ways. Our Aurora chiropractor can prescribe a combination of modalities to help you make the most of your body. 

    Chiropractic care can help your joints and nerves do their jobs effectively, while other strategies such as corrective exercises can help you build strength and support your new-found joint flexibility. We can even help you identify and overcome any flaws in your sports technique or workplace ergonomics that might be sabotaging your performance.

    This multi-modal approach to healing brings up yet another important reason to visit Total Wellness Center. We don't just make joint adjustments -- we employ a variety of safe, non-invasive treatment techniques as part of your holistic healing, pain management, injury rehabilitation or preventative wellness plan. You're not just getting an Aurora chiropractor; you're getting a trusted primary care provider for your whole family. Call (303)-578-3488 to schedule a visit to our clinic. You find a lot more than just five reasons to keep coming back!

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