The most common reason
that parents bring their babies in for chiropractic care is for colic/tummy upset concerns. In nearly all cases, very slow paristalsis (bowel motility) is the key factor.

There are gentle adjusting techniques (primarily Logan Basic Technique) that help to improve paristalsis and this is very beneficial and helps alleviate stomach pain and discomfort. Chronic ear infections and asthma and allergies also often respond positively to chiropractic care.

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Children ages five to eighteen years old are brought in most commonly for Attention Deficit Disorder, which often responds well to treatment; improved attention span, lower activity level and general well-being are common responses to chiropractic treatment.

Other ailments that chiropractic care can benefit, include bedwetting and injuries due to the traumas of being young; falling off bicycles, sliding into 2nd base, taking a hard tackle, landing improperly with a gymnastics or wrestling move, etc.

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