Dr. Geersen teaches twelve classes, all of which are available free of charge for any business or civic function

Advanced Health Care

New patients enjoy attending this class, where they can learn more about general healthcare, general wellness, and the at-home things that they can do to keep their spine aligned.

Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well

This class discusses healthy eating lifestyles and choices, and addresses many health concerns and nutritional approaches to dealing with them. For example, many foods are excellent at helping to alleviate arthritis pain, but there are many others that exacerbate the pain. This class explores the use of different foods based on a person’s specific physical ailment.

The following are PowerPoint presentations:

  • Stress: Adapt or Perish
  • Fibromyalgia
  • No More Back Attacks
  • Keep Fit While You Sit
  • Power Nutrition
  • Headaches
  • Peak Performance
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: Don’t Let It Get A Grip On You
  • Arthritis: Preventable, Reversible
  • Osteoporosis: Don’t Get Soft